The Better Air Quality conference will be held in Hong Kong from 5 to 7 December 2012. BAQ 2012 is co-organized by the Clean Air Asia (formerly Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities), Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department, and Hong Kong Polytechnic University. BAQ 2012 will be held in parallel with the Motor Vehicle Emissions (MoVE) workshop that is co-organized by Hong Kong EPD, Hong Kong PolyU and the Ministry of Environmental Protection.

The BAQ conference is the flagship event of CAI-Asia. This biennial event brings leading experts, policy and decision makers together to network, learn and share experiences on air quality management. Past BAQs have proven to influence policies, initiate new projects and establish partnerships.

        *CO2 Emissions Outpace Economic Growth in Asia* Hong Kong, December 6, 2012 CO2 emissions from road transport rise faster than the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), and are expected to double in the next seven years a new study by Clean Air Asia found. Emissions from electricity grow at about the same rate as the GDP and...

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The on-site registration for the Better Air Quality Conference will start Dec 4 (Tuesday), 2:00pm at the Jockey Club Auditorium Foyer. Everyone is also invited to attend the Clean Air Asia Partnership meeting scheduled at 4:30-6:30pm in the Jockey Club Auditorium. The meeting will be followed by the traditional BAQ Welcome Drinks hosted by Clean Air Asia, Hong Kong Environmental Protection Department and Hong Kong Polytechnic University.

Participants may contact the BAQ Secretariat through Jaja Panopio at +852 5934 6423. For media registration, please contact Chee-Anne Roño at +852 5934 6424

Venue and Travel

BAQ 2012 will be held at the Jockey Club Auditorium inside the Hong Kong Polytechnic University campus.

How to reach Jockey Club Auditorium

We have identified a number of hotels within walking distance to the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, and negotiated special rates for participant accommodation. All registered participants other than those with approved sponsorship are requested to make their own hotel bookings by sending directly to the hotel the specific reservation form of their chosen hotel.

List of BAQ Hotels

Nationals from certain countries will require a visa. Self-funded and sponsored participants must book their own flights, but given the central location of Hong Kong in Asia, participants have the choice of several carriers.

Flights and Visa

Vegetarian Restaurants in Hong Kong


Kong Ha Award for Excellence in Air Quality Management

A two-yearly award was established by the CAI-Asia Partnership to honor the memory of the late Kong Ha, who served as the chairperson of the Clean Air Initiative for Asian Cities (CAI-Asia) from December 2004 to April 2007.

The award serves as a tribute to persons who have a responsibility for the formulation of air quality management related policies and their day-to-day implementation in Asia. This, in the view of the CAI-Asia Partnership, is the best way to honor Kong Ha, who through his deep commitment and knowledge, relentless enthusiasm, and strong sense of partnership was a key person in shaping and overseeing the implementation of mobile source emission reduction policies in Hong Kong.

The first Kong Ha Award Winner was Mr. Shi Han Min, the Director of Environmental Protection Bureau for Beijing, China, for his exemplary leadership in efforts of Beijing EPB and other stakeholders in Beijing to address air pollution before and during the Beijing 2008 Olympics and Paralympics, and received the award during the BAQ 2008 Conference in Thailand. 

The second Kong Ha Award Winner was Ahmad (Puput) Safrudin who is a key figure in the campaign for measures to address air pollution, particularly for spearheading the phase out of lead from gasoline in Indonesia which was successfully achieved in 2006. He continues to monitor the implementation of these policies and played a role in court cases that challenged the more stringent fuel quality standards. For successfully mobilizing the public to take part in campaigns against the use of lead in gasoline, Puput was awarded at the BAQ 2010 Conference in Singapore.

The Kong Ha Award 2012 Committee includes:

  • Mary Jane Ortega, Chairperson of the CAI-Asia Partnership
  • W.C. Mok, Assistant Director (Air Policy), Air Policy Division, Environmental Protection Department, SAR Hong Kong
  • Wing-Tat Hung, Associate Professor, Hong Kong Polytechnic University
  • Michael Walsh, Chairman, International Council for Clean Transport (ICCT)
  • Anumita Roychowdhury, Associate Director, Centre for Science and Environment
  • Sophie Punte, Executive Director, CAI-Asia Center

The Kong Ha Award consists of a cash prize of US$10,000 and a commemorative plaque and is handed out once every two years at the BAQ Conferences. The entire air quality community can nominate candidates.

For the Kong Ha Award 2012, we are looking for individuals who have greatly contributed to AQM policies through academic or other research for input into policy formulation, implementation and/or evaluation.

Other criteria applied in selecting the winner are:

  • Proven track record in achieving results
  • Ability to work with multiple stakeholders on research in support of policy formulation and implementation
  • Technical excellence
  • Demonstrated enthusiasm and commitment to working for better air quality
  • Creativity and innovation

Nominations will be accepted until 1 October. The winner will be announced by 5 November 2012.



Do you have the minute to win it?


 1. The video should communicate existing air pollution solutions that are noteworthy and proven effective. These can range from community-driven campaigns, effective government policies, innovative products/designs or available technologies.

2. The contest is not meant to promote specific technologies or products. Videos must be engaging, easily understandable and factual. Video concept aligned to the conference theme of 'Growing Cities, Healthy Cities' would be a plus.

3. Video length is 60-seconds only. The first frame must show Clean Air Asia logo with the title of the video. All video genres (e.g., public service announcements, animation, text) are accepted in the contest.

4. Language of the video could be in English or any other language as long as English subtitles are provided.

5. There are two ways to submit your video entries:

    a. Via YouTube:

You must first setup or log in to your YouTube account. Upload your video to your YouTube account / channel in high-resolution. Title of entries must be in the format "Clean Air Asia: Insert Title of Video". Include the following in your video tags: #clean air asia, #BAQ 2012, #betterairquality.

    b. Via Facebook:

Go to and like the page. Click Photo/Video button to upload your entry. Title of entries must be in the format "Clean Air Asia: Insert Title of Video".

Submissions that do not include all required information and adhere to the above requirements will be considered void and disqualified in the judging of the competition.All video entries must submit the following information by email to on or before 1 November 2012 --

YouTube or Facebook link:

For countries which do not have access to YouTube, please 
contact the organizer.  

For countries which do not have access to YouTube or Facebook, please contact the organizer at

5. The Jury members will be members of the Clean Air Asia Partnership Council and senior media managers from the Philippines, China and India.